New iPad Apps: World’s Deadliest Animals

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I should mention right off the bat here that World’s Deadliest Animals is not an app I would typically mention here. It looks decent but nothing about its App Store description grabbed me or made me think it might be an outstanding app. The reason it caught my eye at all, and that I installed it, is that my daughter is fascinated with animals.

Zoe, my daughter, is a real girly girl – loves dresses, stuffed animals, fashion shows on TV etc – she also loves to talk about what are the most dangerous seas creatures, what are the most dangerous big cats, which are the most dangerous animals. This is one of her favorite topics to ask about. And now there’s an app for that – though I’m sure this topic is touched on in many other apps, this is one that’s devoted to it.

It may not be the best ever reference on this topic – it only covers 40 animals and has some odd-looking choices at first glance (a bison and a dolphin are listed) – but I’ll wait to delve into it with Zoe before I form any strong opinions on it. For now, I just know this is an app that will appeal to her straight away, and that’s always a good thing.

If any of you have daughters who love learning about deadly creatures, here’s an App Store link for World’s Deadliest Animals; it’s priced at $0.99 and is a universal app designed to run on iPad and iPhone.

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