Newsstand Now Working, as Smart Folder for All Your Newspaper & Magazine iPad Editions

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Newsstand for iPad

Newsstand for the iPad went live yesterday along with iOS 5, iCloud and all the other major updates Apple cranked out.

In case you haven’t had a chance to use it yet, Newsstand is a ‘smart folder’ that houses all your newspaper an magazine iPad editions and also offers a store where you can browse and install other digital publications for the iPad. It’s a lot like iBooks for iPad newspaper and magazine titles.

Here’s a screencap of the Newsstand store, which of course looks very much like the App Store:

Newsstand for iPad

And here are a few things to be aware of with regard to Newsstand:

— You cannot put Newsstand in a folder (I keep seeing people on forums etc asking how to do this) as it is itself a smart folder. You also cannot add titles to it manually.

–  It’s called a smart folder because it automatically moves app icons for publications that support it into the Newsstand folder. You’ll see this happen as your favorite titles are updated to support it. Early on yesterday I had just one title that went in there after I updated it – The New Yorker. By mid-evening I had six, including Wired and The Daily.

— When Newsstand moves the app icons into its folder, they’re also removed from their prior location on your home screens. I have had an entire home screen filled with newspaper and magazine titles for a long while – now it is gradually clearing out and soon I won’t need it anymore thanks to Newsstand.


— In the Store section of the Settings app you can toggle on/off the automatic download of new content when on WiFi for each of your Newsstand supported titles, though some apps appear not to have updated to add this ability as yet. The New Yorker has it already.


I’m very pleased to see Newsstand live and titles updating to support it. This area of the App Store is one of my favorites and I have a similar number of titles in this section as I do in iBooks. It’s nice to have them all in one place without devoting a full home screen or more to achieving that. It’s also very nice to be able to browse a dedicated store for these type of titles.

What do you all think of Newsstand? Is it useful to you, or will it bet banished to a last home screen or ‘rarely used’ type folder?

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8 thoughts on “Newsstand Now Working, as Smart Folder for All Your Newspaper & Magazine iPad Editions”

  1. I hate Newsstand SO much. You asked “will it be banished to a last home screen or ‘rarely used’ type folder?” I would LOVE to banish it to a folder, but YOU CANNOT PUT NEWSSTAND into a folder.

    I organize my iPad with only one screen, and my apps are all in perfectly organized folders…except (now) for Newsstand, an empty useless thing that I can’t get rid of or put into a folder. HATE it.

      1. +1000

        It wouldn’t be so bad if I could put other news-ish apps into it; Flipboard, Editions, etc. But nooo.

        I don’t have any news or magazine subscriptions and don’t intend to. So now this will sit empty on my otherwise neatly organized screen.

  2. Hey Walt – looks like there may be a ‘fix’ for you. Saw this on my favorite iPhone forum along with a few people saying it works for them:

    “Take two apps, put them together to create a folder and as soon as the folder animation starts happening. Drag newsstand in! Gotta be quick. Oh, and it’ll crash your springboard if you try and load it from a folder so you’ll have to take it out first.”

  3. This message is addressed to the iOS development team.
    I would like to share with you some constructive criticism from an avid iTunes and iBooks user explaining why Newsstand has failed to appeal me and why, to this day, I refuse to purchase digital magazine content on my iPad (with or without Newsstand)…
    Unlike iBooks, Newsstand has failed to deliver magazine readers with an integrated and intuitive consumer experience which includes:
    – A common publication format with common ways of interacting with published content
    – The ability to add personal annotations to the content for future reference: notes, highlights and bookmarks
    – A dedicated built-in store in which to purchase publications
    Newsstand clearly fails at delivering any of these benefits which are focused on simplicity, usability and accessibility; three key corporate values for which Apple products, hardware and software alike, have become famous for. Newsstand looks and feels like a series of compromises between Apple and the magazine publishing corporations.
    The only perceived benefits for me appear to be automated background downloads of the latest magazine issue, the ability to see the latest magazine issue covers as tiny unreadable thumbnails and the consolidation of all magazine applications into a single location (more like an enhanced application folder as mentioned). As someone who just wants to enjoy the content and easily discover more content, these minor functional enhancments to the current e-magazine apps on the iPad just aren’t enough for me. The Newsstand store is just a category of apps in the AppStore which forces me out of the Newsstand app itself and allows me  get lost in all of the other apps and the magazine formats are just as different from on publication to another; requiring me to relearn how to use each one every time. I can’t take notes, highlight or bookmark in a consistent way (if at all in certain publications). At the moment, Newsstand is just an extra unused icon on my iPad that I need to hide somewhere as I do not use it.
    I’m sorry Apple, I tried to use Newsstand, but the shear amount of inconsistencies I experienced just turned me right off of the concept. To me, this is a missed opportunity for both Apple and magazine publishers to reach the vast iPad consumer base.
    Better luck next time…

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