Next-Gen Business Apps for iPad: Featured App Store Collection this Week

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The Featured section of the iPad App Store is jam packed with good stuff this week. One of the featured collections that caught my eye is titled ‘Next-Gen Business Apps’.

It’s a compelling title, and the collection of apps does it justice. This is a strong set of featured apps. The collection is divided into these sections:

Extend Your Apps: Excellen productivity apps in here including Evernote, Workflow, Slack, OmniFocus 2, IF by IFTTT, and more.

Works with Handoff: GoToMeeting, Trello, and Things are among the picks here. Also, Apple’s own Pages app.

Present with AirPlay: From Keynote to Haiku Deck and quite a few more great presentation apps

Secure with Touch ID: 1Password, Box, Dropbox, and PDF Expert are just some of the star apps here that work with the iPad’s fingerprint technology.

Next Gen Business Apps for iPad

Camera for Work: Some top scanning apps and more in this section.

Location Services: One of my all-time favorite and most heavily used apps, Todoist, is the highlight of this last section in the collection.

If you’re looking to use your iPad for that ‘real work’ thing Microsoft loves to talk about, this App Store collection is a great starting point to discover some very useful apps.

You’ll find it in the top rotating row in the App Store Featured section.

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