NFL ‘11 for iPad – Ready to Live Stream the NFL Draft

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NFL ‘11 for iPad is the official iPad app of the National Football League. And it’s out in time to offer live streaming of the thrill-a-minute spectacle that is the NFL Draft. Here are some of its key features:

· Watch a live video stream of’s Draft coverage, which includes live look-ins to Radio City Music Hall as well as exclusive studio analysis
· Set pick alerts for your favorite team to get updates when you’re away from the app
· Watch exclusive video highlights of the 2011 Combine and Draft
· Follow each pick with our official Draft Tracker which is updated during the event and includes interactive features such as pick analysis and participant profiles

I have to admit, April doesn’t feel like the NFL time of the year to me, no matter how much the draft gets hyped up on ESPN and elsewhere. Then again, I can see how hard-core NFL fans may want to pay it extra close attention this year, as there may not be much more NFL to enjoy this season.

Anyway, you can find NFL ‘11 for iPad in the App Store now; it’s a free app.

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2 thoughts on “NFL ‘11 for iPad – Ready to Live Stream the NFL Draft”


    Do Want: Live streaming of NFL GAMES to my iPhone/iPad without having to pay Dish Network for their service + The NFL Sunday Ticket (ridiculously priced).

    NFL – Learn by example from MLB, but cut the price in half of what MLB costs for streaming. I’d gladly buy a $15 app + $60/year for live streaming NFL. Note: If the NFL played 100+ games a year they could charge the same as MLB… but $120 for 16 games is a bit pricy.

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