No More YouTube App in iOS 6: Some Far Better Alternatives

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iOS 6 – the latest version of the iPad’s operating system – boasts over 200 new features, but it also takes away a few things. One of the those that has drawn a lot of attention is the built-in YouTube app. That app is no longer around on the iPad or other iDevices that have updated to iOS 6.

I know many people miss the YouTube app, but I have to say I never liked it much at all. I found it had choppy and tough to watch video streaming far too often. For a long time now I’ve used a number of iPad video apps which I think are much better options.

So for any of you who are missing the YouTube app in iOS 6 here’s my suggested list of the best apps to take its place. All of these apps have AirPlay support (except Hulu Plus), some social / sharing elements, and great video content pulled from a great range of sources:

Jasmine iPad YouTube app

Jasmine: Jasmine is a full-featured YouTube client for iPad and iOS – the closest thing to a straight-up replacement for the old YouTube app in this list. It has a simple, elegant and smooth interface, support for playlists, and is really just a whole  lot nicer to use than the YouTube app ever was.

Vodio iPad app

Vodio: Described as a video magazine, Vodio presents you with a series of Channels covering popular video categories – these include Hot 100, Music, Entertainment, Sports, Tech, and Comedy. The channels are shown in a coverflow style interface that’s easy and fun to work with. You swipe left and right to move through the channels, and swipe up and down to browse through the individual videos in each channel. When you’re viewing a video, you can also swipe left and right to move to the next / previous videos.

Squrl iPad app

Squrl: Squrl is an excellent video watching and video discovery app. It pulls from a broad range of sources and lets you create you own playlists and channels. You can queue up videos to watch later in the app or via its cool browser bookmarklet or email. It also makes it easy to see playlists and channels created by others.

Frequency iPad app

Frequency: Another excellent, social and highly customizable video app for the iPad. It pulls from thousands of sources and makes it easy to browse by featured, trending, and channels. It lets you see what your friends are sharing and if you create a free account at it will keep all your favorite content available on the web too.

Showyou iPad app

Showyou: This might be the most social of all these video apps for the iPad. It shows you a grid of videos from Facebook and Twitter friends, makes sharing seamless, and lets you follow popular channels as well.

Hulu Plus iPad app

Hulu Plus: A great app for watching popular TV shows – the best of its kind.

Video Time Machine iPad app

Video Time Machine: An incredible, huge vault of over 10,000 hand-picked videos dating back to the 19th century. It has a fun and easy interface that lets you pick a year and, if you want, a category like news, sports, games, TV, ads and lots more and dive into the best of that year. This is just a superbly curated collection and an app that it’s easy to spend hours and hours with.

TED: The iPad app for the excellent TED Talks – described, 100% accurately, as riveting talks by remarkable people. It offers more than 1,100 TEDTalk videos. This is the perfect app for when you want some stimulating, thought provoking videos.

It’s worth noting that 6 out of 8 of these apps are not just great for your video entertainment on the iPad, but are also free.

So that’s my list of the best video apps and YouTube app alternatives for the iPad. What do you all think of it? Which other great video apps did I leave out?

Patrick Jordan

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13 thoughts on “No More YouTube App in iOS 6: Some Far Better Alternatives”

  1. I use a new iPad. Do you know if any of these apps automatically open links from Safari the way that the Google app does on the iPhone? If not, do they have any convenient way to paste a YouTube URL into them? I rarely use YouTube except via such a link.

    1. Most of these apps have a search bar which you can paste a URL into. I tried it out in a few of them and Jasmine did by far the best on it. Assuming that’s because it’s a straight-up YouTube client app.

  2. Hi Patrick, A few good apps that are new to me that I’ll certainly be trying. I am curious as to how Hulu Plus is a “YouTube alternative'” it’s An app that steams movies and TV shows, not user-generated content. It seemed awkwardly out of place. Same I guess for TedTalks, good app – but hardly a candidate as an alternative to the native YouTube app. Maybe you had two good articles here and they crossed over? I’ve tried Jasmine for YouTube and am liking it, I’ll give some of the others a shot. Thanks again…

    1. Hi Gerard – good point. I guess I was thinking of it as apps to enjoy video on the iPad in general. So they are not literal replacements for YouTube, though Jasmine is close, but they are all stellar apps with great video content.

  3. With the previous iOS and the youtube app I was subscribed to many YouTubers–what I liked about it was that I could clearly see all their newest content easily. Now, when I’m logged in to my youtube account with the mobile version of youtube on safari, it gives me a mixture of my subscriptions and “featured” videos and they’re all out of order. It drives me crazy.

    The Jasmine app and the iPhone YouTube app requires a gmail account–which is not what my youtube account was started with.

    I really miss my youtube subscriptions!

    I suppose those other apps are good ideas–if one is simply after random videos.

    1. If you have a YouTube account, you have a Google account, since Google owns YouTube.

      This article leaves out Amazon Instant Video as a great app. While Hulu Plus is alright, I find AIV to be superior. My only problems with it relate to the availability of Prime videos, which is a problem with Amazon and not the app.

  4. Great job, thanks! Are there cool iPad apps that can take any of those web apps and download and edit those videos?

  5. Nice list, thanks. One remark about Jasmine, altough it is a very nice app with a good interface, there are a lot of YouTube movies that won’t play in it. This is not the fault of Jasmine, but a restriction of YouTube. Especially if you are interested in music video’s you will run into this problem quite often.

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