Notable New iPad Apps: Bento 4 for iPad–Personal Database

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Bento 4 for iPad

Bento 4 for iPad – Personal Database is the shiny new version of FileMaker Pro’s little brother personal database app for the iPad. There was already a version of Bento for iPad, but this is a brand new app rather than an upgrade to that one.

Here’s a little of its App Store description:

Bento 4 for iPad is the redesigned, reinvented and revolutionary new version of the leading personal database app for iPad. Organize contacts, track projects, plan events, and manage lists – the fast and easy way!

What’s New in Version 4.0.0
Bento 4 for iPad has been reinvented from the ground up and includes numerous innovations that have never been seen in any iPad app before!
– Powerful Drag and Drop Design Tools
– Form view, Table view, Split view and Full Screen view
– 40 New Themes
– Direct Access to the Bento Template Exchange
– Highlighted Searching
– Multi-Field Sorting
– Records Slider
– Create Encrypted Fields, Simple Lists, GPS Location Fields, Calculation Fields
– Email Library Data in .CSV format

The app certainly packs a lot of powerful features and it looks spectacularly good on the new iPad I have to say. I’ve always found FileMaker Pro just a bit too much for me on the iPad – I’m giving Bento a try to see if it’s a better fit.

Bento 4 for iPad just hit the iPad App Store yesterday and it’s currently available at a 50% off ‘introductory offer’ price of $4.99 (regular price will be $9.99).

Here’s an App Store link for Bento 4 for iPad.

If you’ve installed Bento 4 let us know what your favorite uses for it are.

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3 thoughts on “Notable New iPad Apps: Bento 4 for iPad–Personal Database”

  1. The new Bento 4 has disconnected Bento from IOS Contacts list and Calendar. So its a lot less useful to me than the old version. A pretty face with less functionality — especially if you use you iPad as the big integrator.

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