Notable New iPad Apps: Cubby, LogMeIn’s Dropbox Rival

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Cubby iPad app

Cubby for iPad is a mobile app for LogMeIn’s Dropbox-rival Cubby service – an online (and offline) way to sync and share files. This is not strictly speaking a brand new app or service – but LogMeIn seems to have made a launch-like splash for it this week.

I’m a Dropbox user and a huge fan of the service. I also use Google Docs and Google Drive, and iCloud for backup of my iOS devices. Generally speaking, I’m not out there looking for more file sync / cloud services – but LogMeIn are an established and stellar outfit who I trust and Cubby looks interesting. So this week I’ve installed it on my Mac and iPad.

Here are a few of the notable things about the service that have caught my eye in reading up on it and using it:

— It’s touted as being ‘built for simplicity’ and that shines through nicely.

— You get 5GB free when you start using the service – that’s very competitive with other leading services of this type. You can also get another 20GB free by referring friends to Cubby. Just FYI, I have no affiliation at all with LogMeIn, and get nothing at all if any of you choose to give it a try.

— It lets you keep your files and folders in sync with or without the cloud and offers features like public sharing, private sharing, unlimited file versioning, and remote device lockout.

— Back to that simplicity point, and unlike a lot of similar services, you do not have to move folders in order to have them in Cubby:

You can turn any folder into a cubby right where it is by dragging it over to the Cubby application or right-clicking it (PC). No need to change where it lives or how you work. Turn as many folders into cubbies as you like. If you prefer, you can move any folder into the My Cubby folder we made for you. It lives in the cloud, not on your desktop.

—  I really like the UI of both the Mac and iPad apps. It is absolutely simple to use and the design is lightweight and attractive. Even as big Dropbox fan, I’d say the interface for Cubby is more attractive.

So far I’m finding Cubby quite promising as another place to sync some of my folders. I think the sharing features look particularly strong and hope to put them to some good use.

Here’s a link to Cubby’s home page where you can check out all its features, security and pricing etc; and an App Store link for Cubby for iPad and iPhone. It’s a free app.

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