Notable New iPad Apps: Diet Coda, Web Editor

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Diet Coda

Diet Coda is a new iPad app that’s touted as a powerful, feature packed web editor with an easy to use interface.

It’s published by Panic, who make some excellent Mac apps. I love their Transmit FTP app. Here’s their elevator pitch for Diet Coda for iPad:

What happens when you take the power of Coda, our Mac OS X web code editor, and crunch it down into a powerful, feature-packed iPad package? Introducing Diet Coda, the best way to make quick edits to your websites on the go.

And a listing of its notable features:

✔ Remote Editing
Edit documents right on your server or staging server.
✔ Powerful FTP and SFTP File Management
Open, rename, modify, change permissions, the works.
✔ Sites
Quickly get to work on your servers.
✔ Syntax Highlighting
HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, more to come.
✔ Revolutionary Super-Loupe
Positioning the cursor in iOS isn’t fun. We’ve changed that forever.
✔ Contextual Keyboard
The right special characters at the right time.
✔ Clips
Insert chunks of code with a single tap.
✔ Find and Replace
Including our ground-breaking “Wildcard” token
✔ Built-In Terminal
The power of Prompt built-in. A $7.99 value.
✔ Much More
Packed with thoughtful touches.
★ AirPreview
Use your iPad as a dedicated preview window for Coda 2 on the Mac

This app looks and sounds hugely promising. It almost makes me wish I was a developer – and it’s certainly another great example of how the iPad is so much more than a ‘media consumption’ device.

Developers – what do you think of this app? Are you going to be giving it a try?

Here’s an App Store link for Diet Coda; it’s priced at $19.99.

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One thought on “Notable New iPad Apps: Diet Coda, Web Editor”

  1. All that plus A LOT more in ReaddleDocs. I compared them (ReaddleDocs vs Diet Coda) and this Diet is truly on a diet. Readdledocs allows you to READ, STORE and ACCESS documents on your computer, iPad and Web Servers. You can edit right there ont he fly. If you do a basic website on your iPad, link it to a folder on your server, all you have to do is make the changes on the iPad when you have not internet connection. Then just hit ‘sync’. ReaddleDocs is AWESOME! Diet Coda is for a select few with its limitations. Textastic is pretty okay, but if you want ROBUST, such as transferring an .swf file that won’t display on an iOS device, but on PCs, store it right on your iPad.

    You can even ZIP (compress files) with ReaddleDocs on your iPad. Even rename file types. Now you can’t tell me you never need that. Example: index.txt renamed to index.html

    ReaddleDocs by Readdle…. Check it out.

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