Notable New iPad Apps: Drippler

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Drippler for iPad

Drippler is a clever new iPad app that offers up a daily set of all the latest and trending iPad news – on apps and accessories, tips, and more. Here’s a little of its App Store intro:

Discover something new for your iPhone, iPad or iPod every day and stay one step ahead with the latest iOS updates, tips, apps, accessories and much more.
What are the hottest new iPhone apps and games? How do I use the new iOS 7 features? What are the best accessories for my iPad? Drippler has the answers. Join millions of users and download Drippler today!
* Personalized tips and recommendations
* Notifications – never miss the latest updates with our daily drips
* Save your favorite drips and build your own manual
* Search for specific topics and support

This is one of the first occasions where I can say I’ve used an app on Android and I’m happy to see it come to the iPad. I’ve been using Drippler for months now on a Galaxy Note 2, an HTC One, and a Nexus 7. It’s never been my Number 1 source of news or information, but it has always proved a useful one.

Drippler iPad app

One of Drippler’s strong features on Android was its ability to deliver information tailored to the specific device you’re using. This is something that’s likely much more of a major feature on Android, given the far wider range of devices on that platform. I’ll be interested to see how well the feature works on iOS.

Here’s an App Store link for Drippler; it’s a free app and a universal app designed to run on both iPad and iPhone.

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