Notable New iPad Apps: Evomail

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Evomail iPad app

Evomail is an interesting new email app (Gmail only for now) for the iPad.

Here’s a little bit of its App Store intro:

Evomail is modern mobile email for your iPad. Designed with three guiding philosophies of being beautiful, frictionless and simple, we’re bringing a refreshed mail experience to your iPad and evolving the way you use email on the go!

I saw this described somewhere this morning as being a bit like the Sparrow email app that Gmail bought up. Like many others, I was a big fan of Sparrow before Google gobbled it up and made clear they had no plans to continue its development – so I was immediately keen to take a look at Evomail when I saw that comparison.

I’ve only had the app installed for a few hours, and though it doesn’t remind me that much of Sparrow it does have a fairly light and clean UI. And it’s comfortable to use. For me, it’s already one huge step ahead of the much-hyped Mailbox app – because it supports GMail labels.

Here are a few of the app’s noteworthy features:

— Gmail only at the moment, though its App Store page notes ‘with additional support coming later’. The app is getting slammed with one-star ratings in the App Store, purely because it’s Gmail only and it appears a number of people didn’t bother to read the App Store description properly.

— Support for and easy access to Gmail labels, as well as archives and trash.

— Built-in push notifications

— Support for multiple accounts

— Sharing to Twitter, Facebook and the web.

The app’s page load and refresh times are not stellar at the moment, and search is slow a little broken looking as well – so the app is feeling like the 1.0 version that it is. It has promise though as another alternative to the built-in Mail app on the iPad.

Here’s an App Store link for Evomail; it’s priced at $2.99.

Have any of you tried out Evomail yet?

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One thought on “Notable New iPad Apps: Evomail”

  1. I just gave Evomail a whirl on my iPad. I like what I see but one thing I’m not digging is I like to emb Jpg pics into the face of my emails to remind me of clip pics of stuff I want to buy, check out and stuff.
    This email program just displays my jpgs as a broken blue graphic icon, unlike Gmail’s app which displays it right there in the body of the email. If that is an issue, it is useless to me. I just emailed them for help. I dunno if this is their issue, but I can’t find where to even begin to make that right.

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