Notable New iPad Apps: Meercats – Animal Planet Books for Kids

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Meerkats Animal Planet iPad app

OK, here’s a new iPad app that’s perfect for that ‘Aww That’s Cute’ apps folder you need to create on your iPad home screen: Meercats – Animal Planet Books for Kids.

I mean, what kid can resist a good Meercats app? I now know that I sure can’t (even though its been ages since I was a kid) – so I’ve been giving this app a look today. Here’s a bit of its App Store intro:

Watch your child learn amazing facts about one of the world’s most intriguing and fascinating creatures—the meerkat—with the Animal Planet and LivoBooks Meerkats iPad app! Kids will have a blast getting to know this species of mongoose, which lives as “families” and exhibits extraordinarily human-like behavior.

The app offers a good introduction to Meercats, their native habitat, and some of the other creatures they share it with. It’s presented in a fun, kid-friendly style – with a good range of memory, puzzle and other games and interactive elements on every page. You can even take a picture of you / your child and a meercat.

There are some  disappointing elements in the app too though. Given that its an Animal Planet title, I would’ve expected a bit more by way of photos and videos within its pages. Also, the pages load quite slowly when moving back and forward.

I’d say this is quite a nice app for younger kids who are interested in animals – older kids and adults may find it a bit ‘light’ and get turned off quickly by the page load times.

Here’s an App Store link for Meercats – Animal Planet Books for Kids; it’s priced at $3.99.

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