Notable New iPad Apps: New YouTube App and Gmail 2.0 Update

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Gmail for iPad

Google’s dished out a healthy portion of iPad and iOS love yesterday. They updated the Gmail app for iPad and iPhone to Version 2.0 and added some very useful sounding new features, and also brought YouTube back to the iPad (for those who have been missing it under iOS 6).

I’ve been so busy the last couple days that I’ve only had chance to install the new YouTube app and glance it very briefly and reinstall the Gmail app and do the same. I really like the sound of the new features in the Gmail app though, especially the Google Calendar and Google+ integration.

As far as the YouTube app goes, I honestly never used it that much before it was taken away in iOS 6. I much prefer to use my favorite YouTube alternative video apps for iPad, but I’ll still give the new app a look.

I’m sure many of you have already spent some time with the new YouTube and updated Gmail apps on the iPad. What do you think of them so far?

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2 thoughts on “Notable New iPad Apps: New YouTube App and Gmail 2.0 Update”

  1. hope the gmail client supports offline mail. i tried reading a message in the old client when i wasn’t connected online, nothing there! the native client supports it, hoping the update gmail client does as well. i don’t always have a connection.

  2. The mew Gmail app doesn’t allow. you to ck off several emails at a time and then hit delete!
    Instead, I have to open each one and then delete individually. I get so much gmail that this is causing me to read it only on my iMac but not on my iPad or IPad Mini.
    Why would they do this to the mobile app….. to force people to read ads, junkmail?

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