Notable New iPad Apps: This Day in Classic Rock

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This Day in Classic Rock iPad app

This Day in Classic Rock is the latest iPad and iOS app from This Day in Music Apps and the UK’s Classic Rock magazine. It offers a set of daily classic rock facts for every day of the year and quite a lot of other fun content for rock fans.

Here’s a quick outline of the app’s content and best features:

— The On This Day section is where you’ll see daily classic rock facts. There are over 2,000 in total, and each day has around 6-8. They range from notable album releases to artists’ birthdays or anniversaries of artists’ deaths, reports on famous arrests, details on what song or album was top of the charts, or even the day The Beatles back catalog was made available on iTunes. Here’s one crazy entry that caught my eye:

11/16 2002 Texan multi-billionaire David Bonderman hired The Rolling Stones to play at his 60th birthday party, held at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. The band’s fee was 4.4 million British pounds.

On This Day

— The Trivia section offers over 300 classic rock related trivia items.

— The Quiz section lets you test out your knowledge of classic rock trivia. It keeps track of your scores on every ten questions you answer.

— Album Notes is a section that gives a great overview on 50 classic rock albums from a broad range of bands – from Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd to The Sex Pistols and everything in between. It’s got more than 75,000 words on albums and song notes. And of course it’s got links out to iTunes to purchase the featured music.

Classic Album

The app also provides a free ringtone and a couple of free wallpaper images.

Here’s an App Store link for This Day in Classic Rock; it’s priced at $2.99.

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