Notable New iPad Apps: VIPorbit Contact Manager

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VIPorbit iPad app



VIPorbit is a new, full-featured contact manager app for the iPad, iPhone, and Mac. It’s the product of the co-inventor of ACT!, one of the first and leading contact management apps for Windows.

The app looks like a pretty complete contact management solution for iOS devices and Mac. Here are some of its key features:

* Manages contact details, including names, multiple addresses, social media accounts and includes 14 customizable fields to track whatever you need.

* Imports contacts from Address Book/Contacts

* Includes a built-in calendar that displays day, week, month and list views, and works with the Apple calendars

* Links related events and tasks to each contact

* Stores a chronological log of all completed and upcoming activities related to each contact

* Shows each day’s schedule at-a-glance on the customizable Dashboard

* Keeps unlimited notes from conversations and meetings

* Tracks social media activities, including Facebook and Twitter posts for each contact

* Produces reports summarizing completed activities and other relationship details

* Groups contacts into orbits for quick scheduling and group messaging

* Syncs in real-time between desktop computer, iPhone and iPad (requires vipSync Service)

Way back in another lifetime I used ACT! and I recall it being a very useful and powerful app. These days though I have no need for a contact management app, so this is not one I’ll be testing out. For anyone who does need this sort of app, I imagine VIPorbit may be well worth a look.

Here’s an App Store link for VIPorbit; it’s a free app.

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