Notable New iPad Apps: BlogPad Pro

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BlogPad Pro
is a brand new blogging app for the iPad, just released today in the iPad App Store. It’s touted as the ‘most professional blogging app for running all your WordPress blogs from your iPad’.

I’ve only installed the app a short while ago, but have some very quick first impressions and thoughts on it. It did a good job when I added iPad Insight to my sites list and imported the site’ recent posts, comments, categories, and tags pretty quickly. It has a WYSIWYG writing interface, which I’m a fan of. It offers rich text type formatting options in a top bar right above the body text editing area.

Here are the app’s notable features, per its App Store page:

    • Supports WordPress-hosted and self-hosted WordPress blogs
    • Manage multiple WordPress blogs all in one app, even with different user accounts
      Offline or airplane mode – save content locally if you don’t have an internet connection to stop you losing work
    • One-click sync to upload all your changes when you go back online
    • WYSIWYG editing: style your posts with a touch of a button. No coding required!
    • Autosaving of Posts and Pages – never lose your work because of unforeseen issues
    • Conflict Management – never unwillingly overwrite your work (or that of others) when working on a multi-user blog or when changes are made from different devices
    • Write and edit raw html – although with our great WYSIWYG editor you may never want to!
    • Check, manage and reply to blog comments on the go
    • Easily add images from your iPad, a url or your WordPress media library
    • Create and edit WordPress posts and pages
    • View WordPress-hosted blog stats
    • Manage post settings – turn comments on or off, change post visibility, add tags and categories or schedule a publish date
    • Edit advanced post settings: ‘sticky’, custom fields, slug, different post formats and excerpt
    • Add and edit featured images
    • Preview Posts and Pages (either Live or Offline)

My first effort at writing this post went went down the drain as the app had some sort of crash when I swapped over to Safari to grab a link. That’s an inauspicious start. Worse still, the app claims to be continually auto-saving continually, as one of its notable features – but I had four paragraphs written and nothing was salvaged.

The app’s UI is nowhere near as clean and pleasant to work with as the excellent Posts app that I wrote about back in August.  It also seems quite buggy when entering text in a post. In my first ten minutes with it, it was rendering letters as capitals when I had not hit the Shift key, often running two words together even when a space character was entered and generally just not typing as accurately as expected. In fact, I’ve had to switch over to Posts to finish this post.

It’s great to see another iPad blogging app released, especially one that’s focused on WordPress. I’ll spend some more time with BlogPad Pro before judging it too much, but for now as a lightning first impression I’d say its no match for Posts.
Here’s an App Store link for BlogPad Pro; it’s priced at $4.99.

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2 thoughts on “Notable New iPad Apps: BlogPad Pro”

  1. I think I will be sticking with Blogsy. It takes a bit of getting used to after being used to doing all my blogging from my iMac with the Mac App MarsEdit, but it is really useful on the iPad. I have written a few posts for NoStylus with Blogsy and I am happy enough with it.

  2. Hi
    Thanks for reviewing our app, glad you like our WYSIWYG editor.

    I’m very sorry to hear you had a crash. We didn’t receive a bug report from you – if anything like this does happen again please send the report so that we can resolve the issue. Without bug reports, we don’t know there are issues and hence we can’t improve the app.

    Autosave occurs every 15 seconds when you are editing a post. In the event of a crash, the autosave should be available when you go back into edit the same post – it will ask you whether you want to view the autosaved version, use the autosaved version, or discard the autosaved version – did it not do this?

    To date, none of our beta testers or users have reported any problems with entering text in a post, so we would be interested to know whether this happens again. Text entry should be no different to any other text input on an iOS device, whether using the onscreen keyboard or an external one.

    For the record we are more than happy to work with any of our users who do experience problems to help resolve the issues – we’re bloggers too and we want you to have a great experience! :)

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