Microsoft’s Office 365 Admin iPad App, Because the iPad’s Not for ‘Real Work’

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Office 365 Admin iPad app

How funny and ironic is the presence of this new iPad app? The app is called Office 365 Admin and here’s its brief description:

The Office 365 Admin mobile app empowers IT service administrators to connect to their organizations’ Office 365 service status on the go. The Office 365 Admin mobile app enables administrators to view service health information and maintenance status updates. In addition, administrators can filter information by service subscriptions and configure app data refresh interval.

Because, ya know, you can’t do any real work on the silly iPad. Oh, is there a Windows RT version out yet?

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3 thoughts on “Microsoft’s Office 365 Admin iPad App, Because the iPad’s Not for ‘Real Work’”

  1. Yes that is quite funny actually. Just as funny as the Remote Desktop app on android, because no one can get any work done on android either right?

    At least Microsoft are making applications for other platforms. Apple hasn’t made an android app or a windows app (correct me of they have).

  2. Yes, so please don’t use it so we don’t have to hear you whine about how much you hate the app.

    How’s the Kool-Aid, kids?

  3. Shows how much you people know about real work. This is a simple status page of the administrative side of o365. It’s not the actual working apps, the full admin page, or anything useful really. Ipad is still not for real work.

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