OmniFocus for iPad Gets a Minor Update

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OmniFocus for iPad – the excellent task management app from Omni Group – has had a minor update this past weekend, to Version 1.3.1.

Here’s the brief details on the update:

OmniFocus for iPad v1.3.1 is a maintenance release which includes fixes and improvements to Forecast mode and corrects a sync setup problem for some customers using the Omni Sync Server.

I actually had some troubles with sync setup to the Omni server and ended up using MobileMe sync instead – so I might try out the sync with the Omni servers again at some point.

I recently switched over to OmniFocus for all my task management – on the iPad, the Mac, and the iPhone, and two weeks after making the change I couldn’t be happier. Or more productive. My task list each day is shorter and I really have sharpened my focus on what needs doing each day. I’m using projects, folders, and finding Perspectives and the Inbox incredibly useful.

Here’s an App Store link for OmniFocus for iPad; it’s priced at $39.99.

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4 thoughts on “OmniFocus for iPad Gets a Minor Update”

  1. Yeah, why does OmniFocus get so much friggin attention? Its $40 for the iPad app and all together is over $100 for the same thing that most other apps can get you for a mere $10 if that.


  2. You can say it gets too much attention, and that it’s overpriced in your view; but the idea that $10 apps are doing the same thing is just not true. This app is extremely powerful and full of superb features. There are definitely a lot of simpler tasks / to-do apps that are very good apps and that suit the needs of lots of users; but they do not offer the same features and functionality of powerhouse apps like OmniFocus.

  3. Most apps aren’t even worth the couple bucks they charge. A month later I’m lucky if I’m using them. Omnifocus is a robust complete software workflow system. It’s beautifully designed and the company treats their employees and their customers like kings.

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