OmniOutliner for iPad Out Now in the App Store

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OmniOutliner for iPad

OmniOutliner for iPad – the iPad version of the excellent OmniOutliner for Mac – has been released and is available in the iPad App Store now.

Like its desktop counterpart, OmniOutliner for iPad allows you to do much more than just create great outlines. It can be used for note taking, task management, and for organizing your thoughts in numerous ways. I love the desktop version of this app, so I’m very glad to see it’s new iPad version hit the App Store.

I’ve only just installed the app and spent a short while browsing around it. My first impression is very positive. More than anything, the app feels a lot like Apple’s Keynote for iPad – and that is a very good thing, as Keynote is a spectacularly good iPad app.

OmniOutliner for iPad

Here’s a slice of the App Store description for OmniOutliner for iPad:

OmniOutliner starts as a blank page. But as you collect, compose, and rearrange text, its powerful outlining features emerge to organize your ideas. Hierarchy, columns, styling, notes — use them all in concert or keep things simple, depending on the project at hand. From basic lists and tables to serious writing and data wrangling, OmniOutliner understands how to keep your work structured and tidy.

The app has got lots of powerful features – some inherited from its big brother on the desktop, and some that look fresh for the iPad version – that I’m looking forward to getting to know.

A few quick things I’ve noticed in a first tour around OmniOutliner for iPad:

— Styles: There are included sample documents that can be used as templates effectively. These look quite good – I may well rejig some of my existing OmniOutliner documents to work within these styles.

— It doesn’t appear to have any sync capability with the desktop app as yet. That’s a bit of a shame, but hopefully that will come in a future update.

— It does supports the iOS ‘Open In’ feature – so you can email yourself an existing OmniOutliner document and open it straight into OmniOutliner for iPad. You can also use iTunes file sharing to move OmniOutliner docs to your iPad.

— On the main Documents screen in OmniOutliner for iPad you can email a document or export to iDisk (blah), WebDAV, or iTunes. I would really like to see export to Dropbox, Google Docs and some other online services added.

That’s it for my very early thoughts on the app. I’m excited to get to know it better and will do that very soon and post a review once I’ve spent some quality time with it.

Here’s an App Store link for OmniOutliner for iPad; it’s priced at $19.99.

I could not find it in the App Store on the iPad itself yet, but it’s in the iTunes App Store.

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