One for the Movie Fans: Oscars iPad App Updated for 2013

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Oscars iPad app

The official Oscars app for iPad (and iPhone) was updated yesterday for 2013. All the nominations for this year were just announced yesterday, and the 85th annual Academy Awards ceremony will be held on Sunday February 24.

In the meantime, the Oscars app should help keep you informed and get you primed for the big event.  It’s no surprise that an app that celebrates the best of big-screen films looks pretty great on a big iPad screen. It’s full of striking images, plenty of good videos, and lots of fun history and trivia about the Oscars. 

The What’s new section has some interesting ‘Did You Know’ entries, including one on the first Oscar winner who won by portraying a past winner. I also learned in this section that this year’s awards will feature a tribute to James Bond movies as this is their 50th anniversary – that’s definitely something I’m looking forward to seeing.

Oscars Whats New

Here are some of the other notable features of the app:

-Access info on nominees, movie trailers, exclusive videos, and photos
-Watch hosted specials on fashion and nominated films and actors
-Cast and share your virtual ballot via MyPicks
-Watch your favorite celebrities as they walk the Red Carpet
-Follow the winners backstage in the Dolby Theatre
-See the stars mingle on Hollywood’s biggest night

On OSCAR SUNDAY, get the ultimate insider’s look with our exclusive Backstage Pass. We have over a dozen LIVE backstage and Red Carpet video streams to give you the best view of the action. It’s the perfect companion to have when watching the show on ABC.
Follow the action in “Watch Mode” as our correspondents guide you through the ultimate Oscar Experience. If you’d prefer to call your own shots, switch to “Direct Mode” to control what cameras to view.

My wife and I hardly ever manage to make it to a movie theater, so I’m enjoying just learning more about a number of the nominated films and actors in the app. Hopefully we’ll get out to see a few of the newer titles and catch some of the others when they’re released to iTunes.

Oscars App Nominees

One  negative thing about this app that’s worth pointing out is that it’s not available outside the USA. Considering that the Oscars themselves are international this seems a very odd decision. I could understand if certain features were US limited by it seems dumb to restrict the entire app to the US only.

Here’s an App Store link for Oscars; it’s a free app.

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One thought on “One for the Movie Fans: Oscars iPad App Updated for 2013”

  1. Wanted to let you know of an update to our Oscars app, Awards Hero: Oscars Edition has just hit the App Store. The app has constantly received better feedback compared to the official app and has been featured in USA today, CNN Tech and NPR news. Check out what App Advice recently said about the app here:

    Along with some user interface updates for the new year, we have also added a fun new feature: People’s Choice. You can now get info on films released in 2012 and choose the 10 that you think should have been nominated for Best Picture. Every movie buff always has a list of favorites that get snubbed by the Academy, so let your voice be heard and vote for which film you think is Oscar-worthy this year. You can also see live stats to see which movies are getting the most votes.

    Also with the app you can create your own Oscars Pools to vote on each category with your friends and family. Unlike the official app you can create different pools for as many sets of friends as you would like and the interface has a beautiful look to it.

    I would love to have you check it out. It’s a free app and you can download it here:

    If you have any questions just let me know.

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