Osfoora HD – Gorgeous iPad Twitter App, an Instant Favorite

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Osfoora HD iPad Twitter app

Osfoora HD for Twitter is a new iPad Twitter app. It’s also one of those apps that provokes a ‘love at first sight’ type reaction for me.  Its App Store page touts it as having a gorgeous UI – and it absolutely does.

I’ve been underwhelmed by iPad Twitter clients thus far.  Twitterrific had been my favorite amongst a not very inspiring bunch – but they’ve all taken a back seat now to Osfoora HD.

Admittedly, I’ve only spent a short while with the app (just installed it last night) – but unless it develops some severe bugs it’s going to take some doing to replace it as my go-to Twitter app for the iPad. 

I’ll try to do a review on it when I’ve spent more time using it, but it looks to have most or all of the features I want from a Twitter client (though I may not be as demanding as some in this area, and it certainly has a beautiful interface to work with.  Here’s its feature list via its App Store page:

★ Multiple account support with easy management.
★ Full landscape support (Configurable).
★ Saves App position on termination (Main Views, scroll position, and Compose View)
★ Great Follow Friday Generator
★ Native TextExpander Support
★ Tweet Songs.
★ Auto Refresh (1,2,3,4,5 minute intervals). Can be turned off.
★ Easily explore and manage your twitter timeline, mentions, messages, favorites, lists, saved searches, and more.
★ Informative timeline, indicates Retweets, Conversations, Faves, Images, own posts, read/unread all inline.
★ Advanced attachment manager, attach multiple photos at once to a single message.
★ Twitlonger support.
★ Easy access to all your contacts.
★ Advanced drafts manager.
★ Support for native retweets and normal RT mode.
★ Customize your twitter profile, change avatar, personal info.
★ Excellent user profile viewer, save and fully view profile images, user location on Map, more.
★ Lists support, View/Add/Delete/Edit.
★ Subscribe/Unsubscribe to Lists.
★ Add/Remove users to your own lists.
★ View your Retweets, Retweets of others, and your tweets that have been Retweeted.
★ View Geotagged tweets, also GeoTag your own tweets.
★ View/Save/Remove Search terms with synchronization to twitter.
★ Nearby Search, Map View.
★ Search for users on Twitter.
★ Trends support.
★ Translate tweets.
★ Seamless Instapaper/Read It Later integration.
★ Url shortnening with bitly and tinyURL.
★ Support for custom bitly logins and API keys.
★ Upload photos with yfrog, twitpic, img.ly, tweetphoto, and Posterous.
★ See Conversations between friends.
★ Direct messages with Conversation support.
★ InApp browser, email, image viewer.
★ Delete tweets, Block users, report as Spam.
★ Customize Font size, refresh rate.
★ Notifications supported via BoxCar App
★ No missing any tweets, via gap detection.
★ Mark All as Read
★ Email and Save images.

I’m not usually a fan of dark themes, but I love this one.  Here’s a few more screencaps:

Of a main timeline …

Osfoora HD for iPad

The large and easy to use Compose box …

Osfoora HD app

And an individual tweet in opened popover view above the main timeline …

Osfoora HD

You can find Osfoora HD in the App Store now, priced at $3.99.

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11 thoughts on “Osfoora HD – Gorgeous iPad Twitter App, an Instant Favorite”

  1. I have to say, I'm rather impressed with it. And I use it on my iPhone, too!

    I did however, send an email to the developer (waiting for a response) stating that when one views an image that someone has tweeted, if one chooses to NOT reply to said image, one should be able to click anywhere on the screen to thus close said image…

    Does that make sense?

  2. It's already my favorite iPad Twitter client…there's a few bugs here and there but the devs are very responsive and quick to implement updates. I'd like an option for s lighter theme but that's a minor complaint

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