OTA Sync for Things Being Worked on ‘Full Speed’

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That’s the screen shown on the Status Board page at Cultured Code’s site. Cultured Code are the makers of the superb Things task management app for iPad, iPhone, and Macs.

The good news here is that ‘Cloud Sync’ – over the air sync for Things – is right at the top of the list, noted as being at ‘Full Speed’ status, and everything below it is either already done or on hold. So it looks like cloud sync has the full focus of development efforts for the app now. Probably wishful thinking, but maybe we’ll see it in time to include in an iOS 4.2 update over the next couple weeks.

This is easily my biggest wish list item for the Things app – so it can’t come soon enough.

Thanks to Thomas at iSource for the heads-up on this.

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2 thoughts on “OTA Sync for Things Being Worked on ‘Full Speed’”

  1. Wishful thinking indeed! I've been following the Thing development page for awhile and its been stuck on "full speed" for quite some time. If you go to the Thing's forum (http://culturedcode.com/forums/read.php?9,34457,page=5), you'll see a lot of debate on what "full speed" actually means. The thread goes back pretty far. In the meantime, I've given up Things in favor of Omnifocus which does OTA syncing. I should also point out that Thing's blog was last updated on April 3, 2010. In effect they have stopped talking to their customers and have been silent on the OTA issue.

    I wrote about the Thing's full speed issue on my blog here: http://michaeldoan.posterous.com/cloud-syncing-ta

  2. Yes I too have been following their arrivals page as well. It has been disappointing to see it stuck for so long with no real development. I even wrote a review on my site comparing some task managers and had a brief discussion with a member from Cultured Code. He said OTA sync has been in development since the iPad's release. Seems to have taken forever. It better always work and include some magic in there. For me I made the switch to omnifocus and I am not looking back. Studentmacreviews.com.

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