Paper for iPad Gets Colour Picker And Better Background Changer

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iOS Screenshot 20141209-162910 01


I’m still awaiting the arrival of my Pencil stylus, but I’m glad to see the devs at FiftyThree have been keeping busy with their latest update to Paper:

  • Mix, which is Paper’s built-in social drawing feature, can now find and add friends across various social networks
  • The background changer can now swap out background colours without wiping out your entire canvas; just pick a colour along the bottom of the screen, tap and hold, then drop it onto the canvas
  • Paper now has a colour picker ingeniously added to the colour wheel; just tap on the wheel, tap the colour picker icon, drag the resulting circle over the canvas to choose a colour, and then tap on the colour picker once more

I really love how Paper is getting more and more powerful with each update, but still has very simple and tidy controls. My one major feature request at this point would be the ability to insert images from the Camera Roll (a.k.a. All Photos, if you have iCloud Photo Library turned on). It would be great to write or paint over pictures I’ve taken or have downloaded, but that’s simply not possible right now with Paper.

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