PhotInfo for iPad Provides Metadata Within Photos App

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I’ve honestly forgotten where I heard about this app. I found a note in my Drafts app with just one word, “PhotInfo”, and decided to look it up on Google.

Boy, am I glad I did!

PhotInfo is an iOS 8 extension that helps bring metadata to the Photos app, which is really quite handy for figuring out the resolution of pictures I’ve stored or received on my iPad. Doing this on a Mac or PC is pretty simple, since most desktop photo viewing applications will list the resolution and file size in some sort of dialog window. Apple’s own Photos app, however, can be pretty sparse on those kinds of details. Before PhotInfo, my best way of quickly finding out the file size of a given picture was to insert that photo into an e-mail to myself, and tapping on “Actual Size” in the sizing options. It worked, but it was silly that I even had to do that.

Once enabled, PhotInfo’s extension makes things so much simpler. All I have to do is select a photo in the Photos app, tap on the Share button, and tap on PhotInfo. The resulting dialog box is detailed in the screenshot above, and this added capability was totally worth the $0.99 purchase.

There’s actually an entire interface within PhotInfo that shows EXIF and TIFF metadata, but the extension is really all I need. If you frequently need to check the file sizes and resolutions of images on your iOS device, you’ll definitely want to pick up a copy of PhotInfo.

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