Photo Toaster 3.0 Released and on Sale for 99 Cents

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Photo Toaster, the superb photo effects app for iPad and iPhone, has been updated to Version 3.0 today – and it’s on sale at half price to mark the new version’s release. It’s down from $1.99 to just 99 cents.

The 3.0 update is a huge one, as I mentioned in my post about it last Sunday. Here’s the list of what’s new:

New adjustments, noise reduction, improved photo management, various improvements and fixes…
Photo Adjustments
– Professional level control over different lighting ranges
– Lighten Shadows, Recover Highlights, Lighten Midtones
– Intensity adjustment to create dramatic effects
– Blacks adjustment
– New and modified presets that use the new settings including Clarify, Bleach Bypass, Sketch, Dynamic HDR, Dramatic
Noise reduction using sophisticated filtering algorithms
– Remove noise or smooth skin imperfections
Photo Management Improvements
– Recent List that stores recent edit sessions for easy retrieval
– Support for saving and viewing location, exif and other image metadata
– Select specific photo albums during save
– Automatically save originals of camera photos to library
– Several adjustments were made twice as fast
– Rule of thirds crop grid
– More Crop aspect ratios
– Finer control over sharpen
– Higher resolution borders
– Soft focus vignette honors main adjustment settings
– Load full size camera kit imported images on iPad
– Direct printing to AirPrint capable printers

This is my most-used photo effects app on the iPad; I love its combination of ease of use and a great range of powerful adjustments and effects.

Here’s an App Store link for Photo Toaster; it’s currently at 99 cents and it’s a universal app designed for iPad and iPhone.

Oh – and lookout for a prom codes contest for Photo Toaster coming very (very!) soon.

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