Photo Transfer App – Proving Why It’s a Great iPad App this Week

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Photo Transfer App

Photo Transfer app has been a big favorite of mine on the iPad and iPhone for a long while. I reviewed it back in 2011 and included it in our list of the Best iPad Apps of 2012.

As I wrote about recently, this week I traded up to a bigger – 64GB – iPad mini. Switching over from my ‘old’ iPad mini to the brand new one was relatively easy due to using iCloud restore to put back settings and apps.

It wasn’t as smooth as usual in that respect though – because my ‘old’ iPad mini was jailbroken and there was an iOS version issue when choosing which iCloud backups I could use for my restore. I won’t recount that whole long story here, but the gist is that I had to use a backup from a couple months back to restore with.

On the apps front I just had to do some manual installs to match things up all the way. When it came to my Camera Roll things were pretty badly out of whack though – and that’s where Photo Transfer app came to my rescue. I went through the Camera Roll on my old iPad mini and trimmed it down to only the most useful images that I wanted to carry over to the new iPad mini – and ended up with about 100 images I needed to transfer.

Then I just fired up Photo Transfer App on both iPads, selected all the images in the Camera Roll on the old iPad mini, and transferred them wirelessly to the new iPad mini. It took right around one minute. Boom.

I get lots of good use out of Photo Transfer App every week, but this week it has way more than earned its keep.

Here’s an App Store link for Photo Transfer App; it’s priced at $2.99 and is a universal app designed for iPad and iPhone.

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