Photo Transfer App Updated with Complete Redesign

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Photo Transfer App – the excellent app that lets you easily move photos around between your iPad, iOS devices, and PCs – had a major update at the end of last week, to Version 3.0.

The biggest change in the 3.0 update is a completely redesigned UI for the app. Here are the remaining items on the change list for the update:

– Select photos to transfer right from any web browser
– Save photos in different albums
– Ready for iOS5
– Password protection for web access
– Many small improvements and fixes


This has been one of my favorite and most used apps for some time now on the iPad and iPhone – the quickest and easiest way to move a small or medium set of photos from the iPhone to the iPad. This may change a bit now that we have Photo Stream in iOS 5, though I have a feeling the flexibility and features in Photo Transfer App will keep it around on my second home screen for quite a while. Just as one quick example, this app lets you send images from a PC to be received on the iPad or iPhone.


I did a review of Photo Transfer App back in January – you may want to give that a look if you’d like more detail on the app. 

I like the new UI design – it has kept things simple and fast to use, while adding a little brightness to the interface.

Here’s an App Store link for Photo Transfer App; it’s priced at $2.99 and is universal app designed to run on both iPad and iPhone.

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