PhotoForge 2 for iPad & iPhone Coming Soon, Looks Great

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PhotoForge is one of the leading image editing apps for iOS devices. There are currently separate iPhone and iPad versions in the App Store – and both offer a good set of image editing tools and features in an easy to use interface.

Now the developers of PhotoForge have announced that a brand new PhotoForge2 app is on its way to the App Store soon. It looks like this will be a universal app, designed to run on both the iPad and the iPhone, and it looks superb in a preview video the devs have released.

Some of the things that caught my eye in the impressive trailer video include:

— PhotoForge2 is going to let you work with layers in images – including support for opacity, masking, and transforming of images.

— It’s got a great looking Visual History feature that looks a bit like Time Machine for image editing.

— The app doesn’t just show previews as you’re editing – it shows you the image in full resolution the whole time you work with it.

— You can zoom in all the way to 1-to-1 magnification with a double-tap.

— It supports all standard image formats and even huge images up to 20 megapixels.

The app is touted as being easy enough for beginners and powerful enough for professional photographers. Given how good the existing PhotoForge UI is, and how promising the preview looks, I think PhotoForge2 may well live up to that description.

Photoforge 2 is a new app, or a ‘paid upgrade’ – but the developers say they are ‘working on something special for existing users’. It’s expected to hit the App Store in the next two weeks.

In the meantime, you can visit the PhotoForge 2 teaser page to see the preview video and sign up for the developers’ email newsletter to get updates on when it’s released and all their products.

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  1. Looks exciting. Full on layers support for photo editing on the iPad/iPhone will be very welcome! Nice write-up.

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