PhotoForge2 for iPad Improves its Already Very Useful Resize Tool

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PhotoForge2 for iPad

PhotoForge2 is one of the many excellent photo editing apps for the iPad, and one of my long-time favorites in this category.

One of the app’s best, and most unique, features is its very handy resize tool, for resizing your images on the fly. Now this tool has got even better, thanks to an update to the app yesterday – to Version 2.1.9.

The update has provided finer control when resizing images – so now in addition to being able to choose standard sizes (from 0.3 to 5MP) and adjust the image width and height with a slider control, you can also tap on + and – buttons to quickly get the image to a precise desired size.

Although this is a relatively small enhancement, it’s one that is incredibly useful if you’re working with images often on the iPad. Now one of the only things missing, when comparing to a desktop app, is the ability to see file sizes as you adjust image size.

PhotoForge2 is one of the only apps I’ve seen that does image resizing with any degree of precision – it’s good to see it paying attention to and improving this feature.

Here’s an App Store link for PhotoForge2 for iPad; it’s priced at $2.99.

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