Photoshop Express Buggy, Getting Slammed in App Store Ratings

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Photoshop Express app ratings


It looks like Adobe’s shiny new universal version of Photoshop Express – for the iPad and iPhone – is not shining in its current release (Version 1.3).  This is a brand new release on the iPad and an update for iPhone users. 

As you can see in the screenshot above, the app’s ratings in the App Store are pretty terrible – a 2-star average for the current version – which is staggering for an app from a major, mainstream software company.

TUAW even has a post up where they have dubbed the app ‘the spawn of the devil’ and a dog …

It seemed like such a great idea. Adobe was releasing a free photo editing tool for the iPhone and the iPad. Well, Photoshop Express is out, and it’s a big, honking dog.

Apparently many users are seeing the app crash on launch, open other apps, and crash repeatedly in various ways.

I have run the app probably 25 times now, partly just for testing purposes today, and I have yet to see a crash.  I’ve run it in both portrait and landscape mode, opened a good range of photos from my libraries, edited them using many different effects and tools, and so far had no issues.  It sounds like my case is very much the exception rather than the rule though.

For those of you have tried the app, what has your experience been?  As buggy as it appears from its ratings?

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6 thoughts on “Photoshop Express Buggy, Getting Slammed in App Store Ratings”

  1. When I open it, it instantly closes and opens a PDF in GoodReader. Assumedly it will be fixed, but currently it does nothing! Assume they forgot that other apps might be registered to open PDF files.

  2. In the iTunes store with the app, Adobe states that it's aware of the problems and the fix is that you have to open it in portrait, then you can turn it into landscape. I couldn't open it either (jumped to Goodreader), but in portrait it opens fine

  3. it crashed when I tried to load it from the App Store! and of course when it required me to register online with, it turned out I needed Flash to access all of its capabilities. Which as we know, isn't gonna happen on an iPad. is Adobe just trying to stoke up some sympathy for its Flash platform?

    1. Crashes should hopefully be fixed with their 1.3.1update (which is already available in the App Store). I had not tried out working with the site via the app – that is quite dumb if most of it is Flash based, although not at all surprising of course. :)

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