PhotoToaster for iPad Updated: New Custom Photo Picker & More

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PhotoToaster for iPad

My favorite iPad photo editing / effects app, PhotoToaster, was updated at the tail end of last week – to Version 6.0.0.

This update brings a snazzy new custom photo picker that shows larger thumbnails when you’re selecting an image to work with and lets you zoom in on photos before using them. It also brings a number of imaging enhancements and makes all its features available with no need for In-App purchases:

No In-App Purchases! Everything is included.

• tint is now shadow and highlight tint to allow for split toning
• sharpen is now detail and can sharpen or soften depending on direction ( the algorithm has been improved to provide a better result particularly with larger values)
• the blur vignette has been separated from the brightness vignette so that each can have it’s own size
• shadows and highlights can now go in either direction so you can darken shadows and lighten highlights (the algorithm was rewritten for a higher quality result)
• there are several new global presets that make use of some of the changes
• the FX brushes has a new option for soft focus, this can be helpful for removing wrinkles or blemishes
• precision sliders are used in some cases and activated by moving away from the control to allow for more precise adjustment
• custom size for crop and save

The new photo picker is definitely a pleasure to work with, and the list of imaging improvements looks good too. And this was already a fantastic app – and my choice for the overall Best iPad App of 2012.

If you’re looking for a great, easy-to-use photo editing and effects app for the iPad, you should definitely give PhotoToaster a look. Here’s an App Store link for PhotoToaster for iPad; it’s priced at $2.99.

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