Pinterest Finally Has an iPad App

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Maybe it’s just me,  but it feels like this one has been a long time coming – Pinterest now has an iPad app. Here’s how the App Store page for the app introduces Pinterest:

Pinterest is where you can dream about, plan, and prepare for the
things you want to do in your life. Whether it’s vacation plans, new
gadgets, favorite recipes, fashion or the latest home decor, Pinterest
is an easy way for you to make the most of it. Quickly and easily save
and organize your inspirations with your iPhone or iPad.

– Pin your inspirations to online pinboards so you can
find them later
– Check out categories to find inspiration for your life in areas like
Design, Travel, or Food and Drink
– Follow boards that interest you to discover even more
– Create new pins with your camera

I’ve had an account on Pinterest that gets occasional use for a few months now and I tend to mostly enjoy the site when I remember to visit it. Pretty shortly after signing up I looked for an iPad app for Pinterest and could only find an official app for the iPhone and some 3rd party apps for iPad. I tried out at least one 3rd party Pinterest app or maybe a couple – but that didn’t grab me and didn’t stay on my iPad long.

Pinterest iPad App

I think the iPad app should be a great ‘client’ for Pinterest, and I’ve installed the app just a short while ago. My very quick first impression is that though the app has a nice looking interface it’s not hugely useful at the moment, or certainly not as useful as it could be. It lets you browse what people you follow are pinning – but it also showed me an awful lot stuff that looked like ‘friends of friends’ content which had very little appeal for me. You can also browse by categories, which is nice.


When you spot something you like you can repin it and share it via Facebook, Twitter, and email easily.


What I haven’t seen in the app anywhere so far is an easy way to pin something new. I don’t see a way to add images from the iPad photo library or any way to browse to a web page outside of Pinterest and pin something. Maybe I just don’t use Pinterest often enough to spot the right way to do this in the app – please educate me in the comments if this is the case. If this functionality is actually missing then that’s not a very impressive start for this app.

UPDATE: Thanks to reader Sarah for educating me in the comments. There is an easy way to pin new things. When you pull up the left sidebar there’s a Browse the Web link which opens an inline browser. Using that you can browse to a page and pin content just as you can in a desktop browser. So this feature is there and works very nicely. Now we just need an ability to upload from the Camera Roll.

I also find the app’s UI a little annoying in places. I seem to easily end up with a number of pages that need to be closed via an X rather than having a smoother flow through the various areas of the interface.

I’ll spend more time with the app and perhaps do a review if I find it interesting enough. In the meantime, if any of you are using it I’d of course live to hear your thoughts on it in the comments.

Here’s an App Store link for Pinterest; it’s a free app and now a universal app designed for both iPad and iPhone.

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6 thoughts on “Pinterest Finally Has an iPad App”

  1. You are right, I downloaded this today and I don’t see any way to introduce new content to my boards from outside of the platform…not so cool!
    Please do let me know if I too like you am missing something?!?

  2. When I pull over the left hand sidebar I see a ‘Browse the Web’ option – hit that and there’s a pin it button there and also a ‘recent pins from this website’ button which is nice :)

  3. The first thing I wanted to do yesterday was to pin a picture from my personal photo library ; but, similar to you, I couldn’t find a way to do that. I don’t think you could do that on the old ap either, but I had figured out how to use it and was doing okay. The new one looks like it has potential, but I felt like an “old dog” trying to figure out some new tricks when I used it yesterday.

  4. I cannot load from my photos in my IPad library in the app. I emailed Pinterest support 3 times and now they are looking into this. I can load pictures from my IPhone with no problem so I use Photo stream to get my IPad pictures, this does seem to be frustrating.

  5. Ok, I too was having trouble loading photos from my library, but I have finally worked out how: in the menu you see the camera button, when you press this the library button then takes you to your photos. As a software engineer I can’t believe this sort of thing gets through user acceptance testing.

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