Pocket for iPad Updated: New Send to Friend Feature & Lots More

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Pocket for iPad

The Pocket (formerly Read It Later) iPad app has been updated today, to Version 4.5. Today marks the one year anniversary of the app’s name change and this is a suitably impressive update to mark the occasion.

The headline addition in this update is a new feature that the developers say is a rethink of one of the core elements of the app, sharing. The new feature is called Send to Friend – here’s the description of it in the update text:

Send to Friend is a new, simple way to share content with the people who matter to you most. With just a couple of taps you can share content from Pocket with friends and family, along with a comment and a highlighted quote. They’ll receive an email with the link, and if they have Pocket, they’ll also be notified right inside the app.
Once a friend sends content to your Pocket with Send to Friend, it will appear in an inbox, where you can see their comments along with any highlighted quotes they chose to share with you.

The app’s Share menu has been redesigned too, and now offers friend shortcuts and highlights your most recently used services. It’s a great Share menu, and hugely useful looking.

You can now choose to turn on notifications for when a friend shares with you in Pocket as well.

The update also includes a number of unspecified bug fixes and performance improvements.

I received a PR approach about this update a few days ago and after initially reading about it I didn’t feel it was terribly interesting. Once I installed the update and tried out the new features my view changed very quickly. This is an excellent update and I’m already a big fan of the new sharing features. Happy anniversary to Pocket.

Here’s an App Store link for Pocket; it’s a free app.

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