Pocket Informant HD for iPad Launched

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Pocket Informant HD for iPad

Pocket Informant HD – the eagerly awaited iPad version of the popular and award-winning PIM application – is now available in the App Store. Pocket Informant (PI) has been a hit on the iPhone and many other mobile platforms – here’s its elevator pitch:

Pocket Informant® is an integrated calendaring and GTD®-based tasks solution for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Our purpose is to fuse together best-of-class calendaring with best-of-class tasks into one great solution.

Pocket Informant for iPad

And more detail from its App Store page:

Designed for the iPad
Pocket Informant for iPhone has been one of our most popular applications ever – which is saying something when you hit #4 in sales for all mobile apps for several years running! We’ve been lucky to see people all over the world love our app and rely on it every day so when Apple introduced the iPad we knew this a device built just for us. The iPad allows us to take the robust engine behind Pocket Informant and re-imagine it for a big screen. Its a lot more than just seeing more data on the screen – it has to be natural to work with and with the iPad version of Pocket Informant we are really proud of the final product.

Why Do I Need This When I Have A Calendar?
We love our iPads, but we saw some untapped potential for a full-featured PIM. Pocket Informant fills that gap. To start with, we made navigation very natural – simply swipe between the months, or tap the calendar on the left page. You can assign icons to individual events or tasks or use our original TimeBar style to see a visual description of your day, week, or month. When looking at a day’s activities, we show you your appointments AND tasks together, and we give you nearly the entire screen to see them. We offer a convenient view to quickly see activities going on "today", and we built a great week view as well.

For years, these and numerous other features have made Pocket Informant a must-have application for school teachers, soccer moms, salesmen and executives alike.

Here are some of our current top features:

❖ Today, Month, Week, Column Week View, Agenda, Task, and Search views
❖ Swipe between Months, Days, and Weeks
❖ Easily jump to any date in any calendar view
❖ Timebars to show your free/busy time at a glance or show mini-text on the month cells instead
❖ Icons for Events and Tasks
❖ Event Location Mapping
❖ Calendar Filtering: Filter tasks and events by one or more calendars
❖ Templates for Events and Tasks
❖ Support for sub-tasks
❖ Tags and Tag Filtering
❖ TextExpander support in most text fields
❖ Expanded detail view to see events and tasks on any day
❖ Tasks integrated with the Calendar Views
❖ Task Grouping and QuickSearch/Insert
❖ Full Search of Contacts, Tasks, and Calendar items
❖ Send Appointment Meeting Requests
❖ Getting-Things-Done® (GTD®) management or Franklin Covey ABC/1-99 Prioritization of tasks
❖ Pre-made filters to quickly find active, due, undated, overdue, and completed tasks
❖ Today View to show your current appointments, tasks, meeting attendees and alatms
❖ Starring (flagging) tasks
❖ Highly customizable views

❖ Auto-sync will sync changes immediately up to the server and new items from the server sync down every 45 minutes (while PI is running or next time it runs)
❖ Syncs with Google Calendar and Toodledo.
❖ Direct to Outlook Sync. Requires WebIS Desktop Sync software. Visit our http://tinyurl.com/yggbk2a for more details.
❖ Calendar Data is separate from the built-in Calendar (for now)

I’m sure Pocket Informant HD will become a big hit on the iPad as it has on all other mobile platforms. 

You can find Pocket Informant HD in the App Store now, priced at $6.99 – which is listed as a special ‘introductory price’ of more than half off.

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11 thoughts on “Pocket Informant HD for iPad Launched”

      1. Hi Patrick. Always checking (JAiB), and now here. Just not making too much noise. LOL. Just got my iPad about a month ago, so I kinda "app crazy" right now. I can't believe how much I've been spending on apps for this gadget. hahaha. I love this thing though. :P

  1. I purchased PI for the iPhone some time ago but have forgone using it until WebIS integrates iOS4 calendar API's to the native iCal database. I am not a big Google calendar person and but I do have Exchange and Mobile Me accounts that I access via the stock Calendar app. That being said, I will not be purchasing the HD version of PI for the reasons I stated.

  2. I bought it for the iphone, only to learn it doesn't integrate with built in calendar, which I have syncing on exchange at the moment, with all my other devices and computers. So, I will hold off, until iOS 4 on the iPad, and, also when they will integrate. It's very hard to get the calendar to sync both with exchange, and Google cal ( which you can only do with iOS4, I believe), so, I look forward to the time when it integrates, and not run as another separate calendar

  3. Thanks for the comments guys. I used to love PI but these days I just don't need a powerful calendar app. I use tasks to manage work and life – and Things serves me very well for just focusing the way I like to.

    1. Patrick, I don't really "need" it either, but somehow I can't help not clicking the buy button. I need help. LOL. I have like one appointment in there. :P

  4. What a pity it doesn't sync with exchange. It looks pretty good otherwise .I won't be buying it until it the exchange sync option is added. Gavin

    1. I agree – it’s a great interface. I’ve purchased but can’t be swayed away from TaskTaskHD because that syncs tasks with exchange and Informant doesn’t. Do you know if there’s plans to add this. Seems like a no brainer.

  5. I am looking for an app that will not interface with Google or Yahoo. I am a very busy grandpa and don’t need employee work tasks information. I do need to be able to add spouses to contacts as well as children. I do travel a lot on vacation, family events and church work therefore I do need a good calendar and scheduler. I have an iPad II and I use a Windows 7 PC.

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