Pocket Informant HD Updated – Adds Google Task Sync, Contacts & Notes Views

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Pocket Informant HD Contacts View

Pocket Informant HD – the feature rich and versatile calendar / tasks management app for the iPad – has just added some new strings to its bow and become even more versatile. This week it has been updated with its first 2.0 release, Version 2.02.41.

With this update, Pocket Informant HD now offers Notes and Contacts views – so you now have calendar, tasks, contacts, and notes all in one app (just as PI always offered on the Windows Mobile platform).

Another headline new feature in this update is support for syncing with Google Tasks. Here’s the list of new and notable features in this new version:

• Notes and Contact Views
• Task Smart Groups
• Google Task sync
• Photo and Contact Linking
• Swipe to Action, and many other major new features
• Desk Themes

Pocket Informant HD was already a strong contender for those looking to manage tasks and calendars on the iPad. Now that it has added contacts and notes features, and a Google Tasks hookup, it should become an even more popular choice for iPad users.

Here’s an App Store link for Pocket Informant HD; it’s priced at $9.99.

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4 thoughts on “Pocket Informant HD Updated – Adds Google Task Sync, Contacts & Notes Views”

  1. The Apple App Store price is $14.99. This is a deal breaker considering the many poor reviews thatthis product gets. Do you ever check the reviews before you write a review?

    1. It was priced at $9.99 when this post was published. App Store prices change.

      No, I don’t look at App Store ratings before posting about an app. Too many of them look doctored by app publishers or marred by too many ‘YouTube’ level ratings.

  2. I purchased this app last year because it has the most versatile calendar/task interface, even though it had several bugs. After upgrading to the new version, my app no longer works…at all. So while this is a pretty new upgrade, if it doesn’t work, it isn’t worth buying.

  3. cool but why can we not insert the contact directely in the calendar !! (i’m osteopathe) all my patient are in contacts but i can’t put them in each date in calendar . Maybe the futur version…

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