Popular Mailbox App’s iPad Version Is Out Now

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Mailbox for iPad

Mailbox, the popular iPhone email app, now has an iPad version – as of today. The app is know for being clean, minimal, and making email management easier. Here’s a slice of its App Store description:

The fast, fun mobile inbox that puts email in its place. 
Note: Currently for Gmail only. Other email platforms coming soon.
Mailbox is a completely redesigned inbox that makes email light, fast, and mobile-friendly. Quickly swipe messages to your archive or trash. Scan an entire conversation at once with chat-like organization. Snooze emails until later with the tap of a button — they’ll return to your inbox automatically so you can focus on what’s important now.
Mailbox checks your email from the cloud, then delivers it to your phone securely. You can even get push notifications for new messages. Add all your GMail accounts for speedy access on-the-go.
Mailbox makes getting to zero — and staying there — a breeze. After you experience a clean inbox, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

I’ve tried out Mailbox on the iPhone and briefly on the iPad today. It’s certainly got an elegant and effective UI. The reason I can’t make any great use of the app is that it does not currently support Gmail Labels, which I rely on heavily.

Are any of you Mailbox users, on iPhone, iPad, or both?

Here’s an App Store link for Mailbox; it’s a free app and a universal app designed to run on both iPad and iPhone.

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4 thoughts on “Popular Mailbox App’s iPad Version Is Out Now”

  1. Color me unimpressed. It looks nice and is fast, but like you I don’t like the lack of labels. I also don’t like the forced landscape mode.

    The official Gmail app leaves a lot to be desired, but it’s still the best option out there. Sigh.

  2. I’m using Mailbox to quickly go through my inbox and put emails in various folders such as ‘to action today’ or ‘read later at my leisure’ and then the Gmail app or Gmail in the browser for reading/writing and for non-Mailbox labels. It might sound a bit convoluted but I find it a good combination.

  3. It’s a shame Apple doesn’t let you change the default applications on iOS. I know a lot of people that would much rather use this application rather than Apple’s mail app as the default application for their device. The same can be said for other applications, such as the web browser. Many people would rather use Dolphin or Google Chrome rather than Safari.

    Apple doesn’t seem to give us much choice, maybe that’ll change in iOS 7. We can only hope.

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