Popular Mechanics for iPad – First Full Monthly Issue Out Now

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Popular Mechanics for iPad


Some exciting news from Popular Mechanics…the monthly app for iPad is now live in the App Store! The magazine is following up its top-rated showcase app with a monthly version, kicking off with the November 2010 issue.

Popular Mechanics Interactive for iPad was very well-received when it launched its first interactive ‘demo’ edition a few months back. Now the first full monthly issue of the title is available in the App Store – the November 10 issue. It’s a $3.99 in-app purchase from within the free app.

Here’s a little more info on the new issue, straight from the press release on this:
Users can now download a free Popular Mechanics “shell” app, which provides a live feed of headlines from PopularMechanics.com, previews of new issues and a library to store all purchased issues. Users will receive notifications when new issues are available, which they can then download for $3.99.
The November 2010 issue of Popular Mechanics for iPad includes a variety of enhanced features and navigation tools including: 
Ribbons and buttons that flag interactive or enhanced content
Slide bars that allow users to pan through images within a story without changing screens, allowing the editors to showcase extra photos and diagrams
“Stepped” animation, which enables the user to advance an explanatory or DIY video in short segments integrated with text
A Nav Bar available throughout the app that lets users access the Table of Contents, scroll through the page viewer or skip to the next or previous story
The ability to share stories directly from the app via email or social networks

That’s a strong-sounding feature set. I may check out this first full issue, and if I do of course I’ll share some views on it here.

You can find Popular Mechanics Interactive in the App Store now. It’s a free app and, as stated above, the November issue is an in-app purchase for $3.99.

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