Popular Mechanics Magazine Launches iPad Edition

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Popular Mechanics iPad edition

Popular Mechanics Interactive Edition has been released this week in the iPad App Store. This is another major print title that has been eagerly anticipated on the iPad, and one that is supposed to be among the leaders in terms of doing an iPad edition well.

I picked up the app this morning and have only spent a very short time with it so far.  It looks good thus far, though not as initially impressive to me as Wired Magazine for iPad as yet.

I’ll spend more time with it soon and likely have lots more thoughts on how Popular Mechanics stacks up against other leading titles that have brought out iPad editions. 

Two things I do like already about this one:

— This first interactive edition is priced at a reasonable $1.99

— It includes a feedback form.  Hurrah.  The team at Popular Mechanics wants to know what their iPad readers think.  They want our thoughts about ease of navigation in the app, on the app’s range of features, on how likely we are to read digital editions, on what impression the ads in this edition made on us, and more.  Great move.  This is the first one of the well-known iPad titles that I’ve seen that is actually asking for feedback.


You can find Popular Mechanics Interactive Edition in the App Store now, priced at $1.99.

If you have  a chance to give it a look, let us know what you think in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Popular Mechanics Magazine Launches iPad Edition”

  1. I don’t understand why every mag has to have their own app. I’d much rather see them in the Zinio store so I can read them all from one library.

    1. Ugh – I've tried Zinio several times and always hate it. It always feels like struggling with a bad PDF document. No thanks to having all magazines go that route.

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