Posts Blogging App for iPad Updated: Support for More WordPress Features

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The Posts blogging app for the iPad was updated yesterday, to Version 1.1. The update adds support for a number of useful WordPress features along with a handful of good bug fixes.

Here’s the full change list for Version 1.1:

Includes support for the following WordPress features:
* Custom fields
* Post formats
* Page templates
* Sticky posts
Contains the following bug fixes:
* Fixes syncing with completely empty Blogger blogs.
* Fixes a bug that made it impossible to add Blogger blogs that had a redirect to Feedburner in place.
* Fixes an issue that made it impossible to sync with some versions of WordPress.
* Fixes an issue that could result in some text loss when changing between rich-text/html/preview in the editor.
* Fixes date parsing problems in some locales.
* Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Posts has been my favorite blogging app for the iPad for some time now. It has a beautiful, clean interface that’s a real pleasure to use. I’m happy to see it adding support for more WordPress features, especially custom fields.

Here’s an App Store link for Posts; it’s priced at $9.99.

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