Posts: Very Impressive New Blogging App for iPad

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Posts is a great looking new blogging app for the iPad. I’ve only just installed it a short while ago, after seeing a great and glowing review of it by Charlie Sorrel at Cult of Mac, and I’m already very impressed with it.
Setting up iPad Insight on Posts was quite quick and easy. The app only asks for the site URL and a username and password – with no need to give it the path to the xmlrpc file as many blogging apps require. Then it took a few minutes to sync things like posts, pages, comments, and tags from the site and it was ready to go.
Ready to go and presenting you with a great UI I should say. In landscape mode, it shows post thumbnails in the main right side of its screen, and areas you can work with on the left sidebar – including posts, comments, local and online drafts, and more. The sidebar also shows each site that you setup within the app. The app loks good in portrait mode as well.
The rich text editor mode in Posts is easily the best I’ve seen in an iPad blogging app. Adding images, formatting text, and even adding links to text is all smooth and easy in this editor.

Even adding a Read More break is simple and nicely done.

Working with images is easy too.  With just a couple taps you get an inspector that lets you adjust the image size, position, alt text, and more.

I’ll spend lots more time with this app very soon, but so far so great Is my impression – especially for a 1.0 version. Of course this post has been written entirely in Posts.

Here’s an App Store link for Posts; it’s priced at $9.99.

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10 thoughts on “Posts: Very Impressive New Blogging App for iPad”

  1. I’ve been using a combination of iA Writer and Blogsy (an app that has come on leaps and bounds) – be very interested to hear more about Posts and how it compares.

  2. Yes, I’d like to see someone compare this with Blogsy before I pay $9.99. I’m trying to get my blog going and I like Blogsy overall but it has it’s quirks.

  3. I just downloaded Blogsy a couple of days ago. Would love to hear how you think this compares to Blogsy, after you get some more time to play with it and whether the advantages are worth spending $10 on another blogging app.



  4. Any thoughts on Posts vs. Blogsy? I use Blogsy extensively with ByWord and would be curious to hear if Posts is any better…In fact, I write all of my posts on the iPad and and only do a quick once-over on the Mac Mini.


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