Price Drops – 1Password for iPad Now Just $7.99

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1Password for iPad

1Password for iPad – the superb password manager / secure wallet app for your shiny tablet device – has had a price reduction today, from $9.99 to $7.99.

This is one of my favorite and most essential apps – on the iPad, iPhone, and Mac. I included it in my list of Best iPad Apps of 2010 – and it’s an award winning and acclaimed app on iOS and Mac, and has recently launched a Windows edition as well. Here are some of it notable features:

• Securely store your website names and passwords so you never forget them again
• Synchronize it all with 1Password for Mac or Windows (sold separately).
• Automatically log into Web sites to avoid remembering and typing usernames and passwords
• Save important information like credit cards and membership numbers
• Jot down other notes too sensitive for stickies or bar napkins
• Hardware-accelerated AES encryption and Auto-Lock keep your data protected even if your iPad is lost or stolen
• All cryptographic operations are performed using standard iPhone libraries to ensure there are no security gaps or backdoors
• Data Backup & Restore option available on Mac, Windows and Linux.

And here’s an App Store link for 1Password for iPad.

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6 thoughts on “Price Drops – 1Password for iPad Now Just $7.99”

  1. Just went to app store and price listed is $11.99. If Pro is different product, that is not cleat from your post.

    1. Sorry for any confusion, but I never mentioned 1Password Pro in this post. I stated clearly that 1Password for iPad is the app that had its price reduced.

      1. I think the confusion is in the text at the end:
        And here’s an App Store link for 1Password Pro for iPad.
        even though the link to the App Store you have actually properly goes to the regular non-Pro version as you intend. So, yeah, you have one “Pro” in there that shouldn’t be. : )

        1. Damn. My bad. Apologies Danny – link should’ve been for 1Password for iPad, not Pro. Have updated it so it’s right now.

  2. This is the reason I will not purchase:
    “Synchronize it all with 1Password for Mac or Windows (sold separately).”

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