Price Drops: Analytics Tiles App Free Today

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Analytics Tiles iPad app

Analytics Tiles App for the iPad and iPhone is available for free today – down from its standard price of $2.99. This is a superb app for keeping track of website statistics with a unique and beautiful interface.

As the app’s name might suggest, it uses a tiles view to present a large number of key metrics for tracking site traffic and much more, and makes it easy to see all of these in a single handsome view. The app is one I use daily and one of our picks in our list of The Best iPad Apps of 2013.

Here’s more detail on its features:

★ Swipe to switch websites (unlimited website support)
★ Personalize each website to have its own tiles, colors and order
★ Scroll down to watch new tiles being loaded on the fly
★ Add/Remove tiles from a bank of about 50 different tile/report types
★ Drag-drop tiles to rearrange them
★ Resize tiles on screen
★ Tap on a tile to see a detailed report
★ Choose a base color for each website
★ Change color themes (dark, light and color background)
★ Activate autopilot, sit back and relax as Tiles fly on its own

And here’s an App Store link for Analytics Tiles App.

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