Price Drops: Art Authority for iPad Half Price This Weekend

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Art Authority for iPad

Art Authority for iPad – the wonderful virtual art museum app – is on sale at half price this weekend, so it is just $4.99 instead of its normal $9.99. If you haven’t yet had a chance to look at Art Authority for iPad, here’s a little slice of its App Store description:

Art Authority for iPad transports you to an enthralling, real-world art museum filled with works by over 1,000 of the western world’s greatest artists, from ancient times to today. Over 50,000 paintings and sculptures, organized into eight period-specific rooms, each room a gateway to a whole museum’s worth of art. Choose an artist by movement or name, and become instantly immersed in an exhibition devoted just to that artist. Search for and compare different artists’ works by title, subject or location, or just wander at random and get lost in the art.

I included Art Authority for iPad in my list of Best iPad Apps of 2010, and reviewed it in May of last year, and had this to say about it in my sum-up:

This is a true flagship app for the iPad.  One that should provide many hours of rich enjoyment, as well as a wow factor for any of your friends who want to see examples of outstanding iPad apps.  If you have kids who have any interest in art, it is a superb educational tool as well.

Just a wonderful app all the way around.

Here’s an App Store link for Art Authority for iPad; grab it at it’s half-off sale price this weekend if you can.

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