Price Drops: Camera Boost for iPad Free for Today Only

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Camera Boost for iPad

Camera Boost is an app with a simple, single purpose – improving the iPad camera.It shows you photo effects and enhancements live – and you can adjust the levels pretty easily on the fly while the camera view remains constantly on the screen.

It’s available for free today only – down from its standard $0.99. I took a look at it back in 2011 with the iPad 2, and was impressed. I don’t do an awful lot of photography on my iPad but when I do this app still comes in handy.

Here are some of its key features:

  • Simply better: Camera Boost photos and videos are sharper, more detailed and more colorful.
  • Super simple to use: Built for natural 2-handed use with everything just a tap away.
  • Live preview: Filters and effects are shown in realtime at full quality.
  • Wide range of filters to give your shots a unique look. No buy-later “Lens Packs”, everything is included!
  • Ultra fast: All filters work in realtime. That means Zero processing time, zero delays.
  • Ultra powerful: Create your own filters, and combine many effects for truly unlimited styles.
  • Ultra flexible Even adjust filters while recording HD video. Correct, enhance and remix on the fly!
  • Ultra quality: Full resolution photos, HD video (1080p on new iPad, 720p on iPad 2).
  • Pro features: HDR, noise reduction, real (long exposure) night mode, exposure / focus / white balance locks.
  • All features work in both Photo and Video mode.

Here’s an App Store link for Camera Boost.

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6 thoughts on “Price Drops: Camera Boost for iPad Free for Today Only”

  1. This app doesn’t work. You turn it on, malke all your adjustments, then there is no way to take the pitcture. If you go back to camera, the effects you selected are gone. This app is not integrated with the camera app.

    1. It works fine for me, and has done for a long time. You tap the camera icon to snap a photo. It is not integrated with the iPad camera (likely because Apple will not allow that) but it is easy and quick to save photos taken in it to the Camera Roll.

    2. Hi David

      I’m Chris, the main developer of Camera Boost. It should indeed take photos (and videos) exactly as Patrick describes – that’s the main point of the app after all!

      It doesn’t integrate with the iPad’s built-in camera app, because Apple don’t allow that at all, but you can easily copy your photos from Camera Boost’s internal photo library to the iPad’s main photo library – just open the Album (the button with 2 overlapping squares on the right), tap Edit at the bottom, and you can tap on your pictures and videos to select them. Then tap the Share button (a square with an arrow coming out of it) and they’ll be copied to the iPad library (you can then delete them from Camera Boost, or tap the Edit button again if you’re done).

      If anything isn’t working right drop me an email at chris (at) and describe exactly what happens, I’ll help you get it up and running.

  2. Hey, may I know why it’s mentioned free but on the download button, it still shows 2.99 instead of free? Can anyone help me with this? :) thanks

    1. We set a ‘price schedule’ with apple – in this case it was set to free on 28th/29th, and $3 on 30th. In theory it’s supposed to switch automatically at midnight for each store, but in practice it seems to vary a bit. I’m guessing that the main issue is in the US, where there’s a single app store covering multiple time zones – maybe that explains it?

      Anyway, sorry if it ended a bit earlier than it should have where you are, unfortunately we don’t have much control over this!

  3. Is there a way to have photos automatically save to the camera roll?

    I have found that camera awesome does this automatically without the need to send from the library as an added step.

    I like camera boost best for presets, and would like to have camera boost automatically save camera boost photos to the camera roll.

    Thank you.

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