Price Drops: DataMan, Excellent Data Manager App, Free for Today Only

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DataMan, a great little iOS app for measuring your data usage in real time, is on sale today for zero dollars. It’s free for today only – September 19 – and it’s well worth grabbing.

Here’s a bit of its App Store description:

Your weapon against data overage charges. Real-time tracking of your data usage helps you stay within your data plan. And with customizable threshold alerts, you’re warned before you hit your data cap.
Precise and Current. DataMan gets the latest usage statistics directly from iOS, so no more outdated reports and delayed usage alerts from your carrier.

・ Track your monthly data usage, including cellular (4G/3G) and Wi-Fi
・ Automatic usage counter reset at end of your billing cycle
・ Four levels of usage threshold alerts
・ Work with all carriers, no login required
・ Monthly history
・ Easy setup

I’ve been using this app on my iDevices for a long while now and it’s a very useful utility app. I really enjoy looking at it whenever I’ve given LTE a bit of a workout on my new iPad.

Here’s an App Store link for DataMan.

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