Price Drops: DataMan Pro for iPad 50% Off This Week

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DataMan Pro for iPad

DataMan Pro for iPad is on sale at 50% off this week – at just $1.99.

This is my favorite (and only) app for measuring and monitoring data usage on my iPad. It’s easy to use and has a very strong set of features. I especially like its alerts when you hit thresholds of data usage amounts and its ability to show you which apps are using data. (though I can’t get it to show me specifics on how much each app uses yet).

Here’s a rundown of its key features:

Real-Time Background Alerts
So while watching YouTube, listening to Spotify, surfing the web, or whatever, you are alerted the Minute you exceed your usage thresholds. Alerts appear in Notification Center and are sent using local notification rather than text message, eliminating any delay.
Breakthrough App Watch
DataMan is the world’s first app to show you what apps are using your data. Find out when apps are active and how much data they are eating. So you can root out data-hungry apps and save money.
Precise and Current
Track all data activities on iPad, including cellular (4G/3G) and Wi-Fi data. Give details for every minute, hour and day. DataMan gets the latest usage statistics directly from iOS, so no more outdated reports and delayed usage alerts from your carrier.
Other great features
・ Map where you used data with Geotag, handy when you travel and roam
・ Four usage thresholds and three allowance types to suit your data plan
・ Sound persistent background siren when monthly allowance is exceeded
・ Quickly see your current usage with numbered badge on app icon
・ Export detailed usage statistics, including time, location and bytes
・ Work with all carriers, no login required
・ History search
・ Visualize daily usage in a chart
・ Always-visible usage dashboard
・ Support the new iPad with 4G

If you want to keep a good eye on your iPad data usage, this app is well worth a look.

Here’s an App Store link for DataMan Pro for iPad.

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