Price Drops: Geography Drive USA 75% Off for End of School Sale

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Geography Drive USA iPad app

The excellent Geography Drive USA iPad app is on sale at 75% off as part of an End-of-School ‘mega’ sale.

Geography Drive USA is currently available for just 99 cents, down from its standard price of $3.99.

I’ve been meaning to review this app for some time now, as it is a favorite for my 4th grade daughter and I. This is one of those great educational apps that is way too much fun for kids to ever think of it as just a learning tool – even though it absolutely is.

It’s a popular and award-winning iPad app – a winner of a 2013 Gold Parents’ Choice Award as well as a number of other similar accolades. Here’s a little bit of its App Store intro:

Hit the gas and head out on the highway in the fact-packed game that turns textbook geography into an exciting cross-country adventure.
In Geography Drive USA™, knowledge fuels your car on a coast-to-coast quest to learn about the fifty U.S. states. Answer questions to unlock the airports and fuel stations essential to stay in the game. Or take a chance on a bonus delivery and earn the cash to upgrade your ride. Whatever you do, keep one eye on your fuel, because the bottom of the tank means the end of the road in the latest, fun-filled educational app from the makers of Operation Math.

This is definitely an app I’d highly recommend, and now is a great time to grab it at this big sale price.

Here’s an App Store link for Geography Drive USA.

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  1. The best kinds of educational apps in my opinion are the ones that don’t feel like educational apps at all – the kids should enjoy using them and learning at the same time!

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