Price Drops: iA Writer for iPad Down to 99 Cents

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iA Writer – a gorgeous writing / text editor app for the iPad – has had a price reduction, down to just $0.99. I did a quick review of iA Writer back in September – I was, and remain, very impressed with the app.

Here are just a couple excerpts from its App Store page that give you a feel for the app:

Every element of the user interface has been designed and polished to be easy and clear—no settings, no complicated interactions. Writer doesn’t need long explanations. You’ll be writing your articles, poems and novels in no time.

Your texts will look spectacular in our iPad-optimized writing typography. It has been developped in collaboration with leading typographers and screen designers with the greatest care for detail.

So needless to say that price drop to just $0.99 makes this app quite a steal. There’s no mention of it being a limited time offer, but at that price you may want to grab it sooner rather than later.

Here’s the iA Writer App Store link.

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One thought on “Price Drops: iA Writer for iPad Down to 99 Cents”

  1. Compared to Plain Text and Simplenote, this app isn’t worth more than $0.99. Better pick it up while it’s on sale. Hopefully they’ll update it to sync automatically with Dropbox instead of the manual setup that now exists. The app does have some innovative features, but having a backup to written works is vital in this day and age.

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