Price Drops: PhotoForge2 On Sale at 99 Cents

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PhotoForge2 for iPad

PhotoForge2, the excellent photo manipulation app for the iPad and iPhone, is on sale right now for just 99 cents. It’s down from its standard $2.99 price as a summer sale offer.

This is a very versatile app with a large number of good features for both photo editing and photo effects. I listed it in a roundup of best photo editing apps for iPad last year and I especially like its powerful resizing tool.

Here are just a few of its notable features:

Full Resolution Editing
Unlike most photo apps that show only previews of your photo, with PhotoForge2 you are always editing the full resolution image. Zoom in to see every one of your pixels at any time.

Create new layers from any photo or create an empty layer that can be filled with color. Change the layer’s blend mode and opacity, or rotate and transform it. Reorder and change layer visibility with ease. Add a mask to your layer to simply paint away portions you don’t want to see.

Powerful Adjustments
PhotoForge2 come with some of the most powerful image manipulation tools available for iOS. These include Curves, Levels, Color Balance, Channel Mixer, Colorize, Un-Sharp Mask, Sharpen, HSL, White Balance, Shadows & Highlights, Brightness & Contrast, Exposure, Noise Reduction, Vibrance and Clarify.

Here’s an App Store link for PhotoForge2; it’s a universal app designed for both the iPad and the iPhone.

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