Price Drops: Screens VNC iPad/iOS App On Sale at 50% Off

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SCreens VNC iPad app

Screens VNC, the excellent VNC client app for the iPad and iOS, is currently on sale at 50% off for a limited time. It’s available for $9.99, down from its standard $19.99.

This app has a gorgeous and very user—friendly UI, which makes it a pleasure to use. These are some of its key features:

  • iCloud – Synchronize all your stored screens on all your iOS devices, including your Mac.
  • Universal – Screens will run on both iPhone and iPad – one app for both devices.
  • Easy to Use – Screens is the easiest, most user friendly VNC client for iOS.
  • Exit Cursor – Forget the cursor. Click, drag and scroll where your fingers are, not the cursor.
  • Secure – Screens can connect to your computer through a SSH Tunnel so your session is encrypted and safe.
  • Dock Pull – Your Dock is hidden? No problem! Screens can make it appear with a simple flick!
  • Multi-Touch – Screens supports many multi-touch features your already use on your trackpad.
  • Screens Connect – Make your Mac available from anywhere, on wifi or a mobile network. Easy as flicking a switch! No messy router setup.*
  • Versatile – Connects to Macs, Windows and Linux PCs.

I’ve used a number of remote access apps on the iPad – and Screens VNC is definitely one of the very best.

Here’s an App Store link for Screens VNC.

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