Procreate iPad Painting App Just Got a Big Update

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Procreate iPad App

The excellent and Apple Design award-winning Procreate painting app for the iPad has been updated today, to Version 1.9. This is a major update with a number of impressive sounding new features added.

Here’s the full change list for the update:

• Full HD canvas recording!
– Procreate now automatically records your progress with the same incredible Procreate performance!
– 1080p Maximum video output
– All videos encoded with a start splash of your final artwork
– Easily share videos to Photos, Dropbox, iTunes or Email
• All Artery brushes unlocked
– As a thank you to our community after winning an Apple Design Award, we have removed all In App Purchases and made the Artery brushes completely free! A very special thanks to everyone who supported us by purchasing Artery brushes along the way.
– Pro library now contains all Artery shape and grain files, so you can make even more, awesome brushes!
• Added Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus support
• Improved Adonit Jot Touch support
• Vastly improved brush cursor
• Improved Dropbox support
• Improved iTunes export
• Squished some nasty bugs

I’m no artist, so I have not used the Procreate app myself – but I follow and converse with a large number of talented iPad artists and I know that many of them swear by this app. If you have been following my iPad Art posts you’ll have noticed that many of the incredible iPad paintings featured were made with the Procreate app.

I have to think this update will be a very welcome site for lots of iPad artists.

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5 thoughts on “Procreate iPad Painting App Just Got a Big Update”

  1. Procreate replaced my Sketchbook Pro app. I still have Sketchbook Pro, just in case, but since I saw a fellow friend (who’s an artist) using his iPad for art and unfamiliar with ProCreate, myself and quite a few others got enthused!

    ProCreate is not only for artists, it is for anything you can SEE. Think Photoshop for iPad, but for Drawing mainly, no cutting and manipulating digital photos. I would say like Adobe Illustrator more.

    This app is GREAT and i think EVERYONE should have it. It is great for not only drawing, but NOTES in your hand writing if you like. Just take a photo of lined paper or a texture and you have you note you can print out or convert to PDF. You can even export to LAYERED PSD files to open in Photoshop on your desktop.

    It is GREAT!!!

    I have yet to try the new features as the app is GREAT just as-is, this only makes it BETTER!

    Update: Just tried the procreate video record. AWESOME!!! Now I can show my work!! ;)

      1. Patrick, you’re welcome. ProCreate is surprising and refreshing. I used quite a bit of FREE and PAID art apps, then SketchBook Pro had me, but switching the size of the drawing tip and colors was a bit time consuming. Procreate is just awesome. It’s worth it.

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